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The Agreement

Hanford Federal Facility Agreement and Consent Order

by Washington State Department of Ecology, United States Environmental Protection Agency, United States Department of Energy

As Amended through March 26, 2024

89-10, Revision 9


Part One: Introduction

Article I: Jurisdiction
Article II: Parties
Article III: Purpose
Article IV: Statutory Compliance and RCRA/CERCLA Integration and Coordination
Article V: Definitions


Part Two: Permitting/Closure of TSD Units/Groups

Article VI: Findings and Determinations
Article VII: Work
Article VIII: Resolution of Disputes
Article IX: Stipulated Dangerous Waste Penalties
Article X: Enforceability
Article XI: Schedule
Article XII: Common Terms


Part Three: Remedial and Corrective Actions

Article XIII: Findings and Determinations
Article XIV: Work
Article XV: Review of Documents
Article XVI: Resolution of Disputes
Article XVII: Schedule
Article XVIII: Permits
Article XIX: Recovery of EPA CERCLA Response Costs
Article XX: Stipulated Penalties
Article XXI: Enforceability
Article XXII: Common Terms


Part Four: Integration of EPA and Ecology Responsibilities

Article XXIII: RCRA/CERCLA Interface
Article XXIV: Lead Regulatory Agency and Regulatory Approach Decisions
Article XXV: Physically Inconsistent Actions
Article XXVI: Dispute Resolution
Article XXVII: Other Disputes and EPA Oversight
Article XXVIII: RCRA/CERCLA Reservation of Rights


Part Five: Common Provisions

Article XXIX: Recovery of State Costs
Article XXX: Additional Work or Modification to Work
Article XXXI: Quality Assurance
Article XXXII: Creation of Danger
Article XXXIII: Notification
Article XXXIV: Reserved
Article XXXV: Sampling and Data/Document Availability
Article XXXVI: Retention of Records
Article XXXVII: Access
Article XXXVIII: Five-Year Review
Article XXXIX: Modification of Agreement
Article XL: Good Cause for Extensions
Article XLI: Conveyance of Title
Article XLII: Public Participation
Article XLIII: Duration/Termination
Article XLIV: Serverability
Article XLV: Classified and Confidential Information
Article XLVI: Reservation of Rights
Article XLVII: Force Majeure
Article XLVIII: Cost, Schedule, Scope, Integration, Planning and Reporting
Article XLIX: Inclusion of Nonregulated Nuclear Material
Article L: Compliance with Applicable Laws
Article LI: Effective Date
Article LII: Attachment 1


Attachment 1: Letter from U.S. Department of Justice

Attachment 2: Action Plan

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