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Hanford Visitor Computer Access Request

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The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Richland Operations Office (RL), in compliance with the 'Tri-Party Agreement Databases, Access Mechanism and Procedures' document, DOE/RL-93-69, Revision 5; set forth the requirements for access to the Hanford Site computer networks and documents as agreed to in the Hanford Federal Facility Agreement and Consent Order (Tri-Party Agreement).

Access to Hanford Site computer resources requires compliance with administrative and technical controls that protect DOE and Hanford Site contractor telecommunication, computer and information resources.  Each agency requesting access to Hanford Site computer networks and documents should contact their agency Security Point-of-Contact (SPC) whom have knowledge of the DOE approved computer security program and the requirements for requesting access.

Certain prerequisites are required for users to obtain read only access to Hanford Site computer resources.  Each prospective user must submit a 'Visitor Hanford Compute Access Request' (VHCAR) form to the DOE-RL host/sponsor. Prior to approval of access by the DOE-RL or DOE Office of River Protection (ORP), the requesting user must take computer security training and read, agree to and sign acknowledgement of the Computer Security Rules. The system(s) and data access requested via the VHCAR access form will be evaluated by DOE-RL. Upon approval, information on the access granted, hardware/software requirements and information on obtaining necessary tokens, personal identification numbers (PINS) and passwords will be provided to the requestor.

Note: Hanford Local Area Network (HLAN) access approval is for a maximum period of one (1) year; annually renewable at the discretion of the DOE-RL Sponsor upon request by the requesting agency. Otherwise, the access approval expires on the person’s badge expiration date.  Consistent with Hanford Local Area Network (HLAN) policy, access approval is terminated after 60 days of non-use and can be reinstated upon request by the agency to the DOE-RH Host/Sponsor. An email request for renewal or re-instatement will suffice.
Annual computer security training is required for all users provided access to the Hanford Site network.  All users must take the computer security training module in the Hanford General Employee Training (HGET).

The VHCAR form for requesting access to the Hanford Site computer resources is available with the PDF forms linked below. A pre-requisite for completing this form is a (1) Hanford Identification Number (HID) and (2) a valid email address. To request an HID, the requestor will need to fill out the Hanford Identification (HID) Number Request Form (A-6004-350) linked below, which can be provided by the DOE-RL sponsor and then emailed to * or faxed to (509-376-9411). An email number or fax number will need to be provided for return of the HID information.

VHCAR form – requestor instructions:

  • Click on the form and fill out information as requested, then SAVE and PRINT the form.
  • Using the printed form, obtain the required signatures: (1) requestor, (2) the requestor’s sponsor and (3) the requestor’s agency security POC.
  • SCAN the completed form (with all three signatures).
  • RENAME the scanned completed form using the following naming convention:
    • VHCAR – FirstName LastName – i.e. VHCAR – John Doe
  • EMAIL the completed VHCAR form to VHCAR email box (
  • EMAIL Subject Line = VHCAR – FirstName LastName – i.e. VHCAR – John Doe

This will initiate the VHCAR process with your corresponding DOE-RL Sponsor.  A confirmation email will be sent to the requestor. 


(Pre-Requisite) - Hanford Identification (HID) Number Request (PDF)

Visitor Hanford Computer Access Request Form (PDF)


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