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Hanford Site Voluntary Protection Program

VPP site map


The Hanford Site VPP Champions Committee is a unique mix of both contractors and regulators that work together to mentor and facilitate excellence in the Safety & Health arena representing over 10,000 employees across the Hanford site. All the contractors and laboratories have achieved STAR Status in the DOE VPP Program. The committee includes representatives from:

Department of Energy Offices

  • Hanford Site
  • Office of Science, Pacific Northwest Site Office (DOE/PNSO)

Hanford Site Contractors

  • Bechtel National Inc. (BNI) Waste Treatment Plant
  • Central Plateau Cleanup Company (CPCCo)
  • Hanford Mission Integration Solutions (HMIS)
  • Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS)
  • Hanford Laboratory Management and Integration (HLMI)

DOE National Laboratories

  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratories (PNNL)

More Information

Regional and National Conferences

VPP - Getting Started

VPP - Tools

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