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Visitor Control / Site Access

Photo of Columbia River with White Bluffs in the background
Map of Hanford
If you are planning on coming to Hanford as part of a job assignment, tour, or event, you need to be familiar with the requirements and restrictions associated with being on the Site. 
Anyone who does not possess a permanent, Hanford badge must obtain a visitor’s credential before they will be allowed access to the Site.  There are several locations where visitor badges are issued.  However, before a badge can be given, the credential has to be approved and signed for by a Site employee who will be your host during your time at Hanford.  If you are unsure of the requirements for being issued a badge, or if you need to know where to go to pick up your visitor badge, please contact your host prior to arriving at the Site. 
All Hanford visitors should familiarize themselves with the Hanford Visitor Orientation Booklet, which is available by clicking here.  This booklet contains important information including:
  • Visitor Responsibilities
  • Prohibited Articles
  • Host and Escort Responsibilities
  • Radiation Safety Training
  • Descriptions of Emergency Signals
  • Security Requirements
Because of the unique hazards to people and the environment on the Hanford Site, some visitors and vendors are required to complete basic training in safety, security, environmental protection, and work practices prior to arriving at the Site.  Your host can tell you if specific training or classes are required.
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