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Trespassing Awareness and Responsibilities

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Hanford Site Trespassing Awareness and Responsibilities
As a part of the annual Hanford Site training for all employees, the expectation of keeping a watchful eye out for trespassers on the site is emphasized. When it comes to looking out for trespassers at Hanford, workers have a history of doing the right thing. While trespassing incidents have remained low over the years, workers are encouraged to be mindful of any non-badged personnel on site during the course of work.  Workers continue to communicate with managers and supervisors about any concerns or improvements related to trespassing incidents.
The Department of Energy completed a no trespassing campaign that highlighted the three pillars of trespassing responsibilities, which include “Observe,” “Report,” and “Communicate.”
Observe – Continue Diligence and Past Performance
  • Observe the surroundings during the entry and exit at the site
  • Observe surroundings during the workday while working on the Hanford Site
  • Visually observe personnel to confirm appropriate badges that indicate access is allowed
  • Observe areas that may be vulnerable to trespassing and unauthorized access to the site.
Report – Continue Questioning Attitude
  • Report suspicious personnel and activities observed during entry/exit at the site
  • Notify managers/supervisors of actions/activities that could be related to unauthorized access to the site
  • Talk about potential trespassing actions/activities in work groups and job planning forums
Communicate – Continue to Keep Others Informed
  • Communicate any concerns or improvements related to trespassing incidents with managers/supervisors
  • Discuss individual roles and responsibilities with managers and supervisors on methods to improve awareness of trespassing prevention actions
  • Review trespassing instances, trends, and lessons learned with work groups and co-workers
  • Provide improvement actions and methods for maintaining access control to the Hanford Site
As a part of the campaign, hundreds of posters were distributed across the site to serve as an enduring message to Hanford Site employees to remain vigilant and to maintain the proactive behaviors in the securing the Hanford Site. To report something you observe, please contact Hanford Patrol at (509) 373-0911.
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