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Budget Presentations

Photo of Columbia River with White Bluffs in the background

Each year the Office of River Protection and Richland Operations Office are required to prepare an annual budget submittal that is consistent with the Hanford Federal Facility Agreement and Consent Order, also known as the Tri-Party Agreement (TPA), and meets regulatory requirements.  The TPA is the regulatory framework between DOE, Washington State Department of Ecology, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that guides cleanup at the Hanford Site.

2020 Hanford Budget Cycle

2018/2019 Hanford Budget Cycle


2017 Hanford Budget Cycle


2016 Hanford Budget Cycle


2015 Hanford Budget Cycle


Hanford 2014 Budget Public Meeting



Presidential FY2013 Budget Request (Submitted February 2012)


2011 Appropriations Budget


Hanford 2013 Budget Workshop


Presidential FY2012 Budget Request  (Submitted February 2011)


FY 2012 Hanford Budget Briefings  (Submitted for Consideration May 2010)



FY 2011 Congressional Budget Request

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