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Hanford Advisory Board

Photo of people sitting in chairs at tables that are arranged in a u-shape.
Photo HAB members participating in a meeting.

The Hanford Advisory Board was created to inform and involve stakeholders and the public more directly in Hanford Site cleanup decisions. The collective advice of board members can influence the outcomes of cleanup and remediation by advising the Tri-Party Agreement (TPA) agencies on community and public perspectives and feedback. Learn more about the Hanford Site cleanup mission by attending an upcoming meeting.

Photo of a button that will provide information for how to become involved with the HAB

Key Contacts

Lindsay Somers
Deputy Designated Federal officer U.S. Department of Energy 
(509) 376-0923 

Roberto Cuahutemoc Armijo
Remedial Project Manager
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 10
(509) 376-3749

Ryan Miller
Communication Manager
Washington State
Department of Ecology

Hanford Advisory Board Library and Facilitation
Street Legal Industries, Inc.
(509) 392-7778

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