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Hanford Site Tours

Hanford Site Tours

Tours of the Hanford Site cleanup work are currently unavailable to the general public.


The Department of Energy offers a variety of tours of the Hanford Site focusing on Hanford’s environmental cleanup mission. Hanford Site tours provide visitors the opportunity for a firsthand look at the progress of our environmental cleanup efforts, projects and facility operations.

In considering a Hanford Site tour, please note the Hanford Site sits on 580 square miles, with many of the facilities located between thirty minutes to an hour north of Richland. Depending on the number of facility visits and presentations, please plan on a minimum of three hours for your tour, with a comprehensive Hanford Site tour lasting six to eight hours.

A list of various Hanford Site tours and contact information is listed below:

  • Hanford Site Cleanup Tours offer members of the public the chance to see and learn about Hanford Site cleanup activities.  For information, visit Hanford Site Cleanup Tours.

Coleen Drinkard
509.376.6968 (office)
509.947.2346 (cell)


Other DOE Tours

  • Hanford Site Tours for Government Officials provide elected or appointed leaders and regulatory agency representatives with critical information to make informed budgetary and legislative decisions on Hanford’s cleanup mission. 

  • Hanford Site Tours for Native American Tribal Leaders are provided in support of DOE’s Tribal Program. These tours are for Native American tribal members who are affected by Hanford operations.

  • Hanford Site Tours for College/Universities Groups offer students and faculty members in course studies related to Hanford’s environmental cleanup mission an interactive presentation on Hanford’s cleanup efforts, along with a limited tour of the Hanford Site.

  • Hanford Site Tours for Stakeholders/Special Interest Groups are considered on a case-by-case basis and are only permitted for visitors with a direct relationship to current Hanford Site cleanup efforts.

  • Hanford Site Tours for Media Representatives are scheduled periodically. For information, visit the Department of Energy website at, at the newsroom link, or visit Media Contacts.

Hanford Site Tours Office                    
Patrick Conrad
509.376.5713  (office)
206.719.8618 (cell)

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'U.S. Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry'

(August 2017) Senior management briefs U.S. Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry, at Hanford’s Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant.


Congressional staffers dress out in protective clothing

(August 2017) Congressional staffers dress out in protective clothing in preparation for viewing hot cells located at Hanford’s 324 Building.   


Stakeholders are briefed on sludge treatment

(May 2017) Stakeholders are briefed on sludge treatment test equipment at Hanford’s Maintenance and Storage Facility (MASF).

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