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Hanford Site Tours

Bechtel deputy project director Chris Musick tours Department of Energy visitors through the Low-Activity Waste Facility overlooking two 300-ton melters at the Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant.

Hanford Site Virtual Tours

A virtual tours website is available to the public for self-guided views of cleanup projects throughout the 580-square-mile Hanford Site. Features of the virtual tour include:

  • Over 20 Hanford projects highlighted in a guided tour function that includes program descriptions
  • Over 40 viewable Hanford map locations
  • 360-degree camera views
  • Internal views of select facility structures including the Waste Encapsulation and Storage Facility, Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant, and 200 West Pump and Treat System
  • Information “pins” that provide additional context
  • Up-close views of exclusive Hanford locations, never before seen on a Hanford public cleanup tour 

“Hanford cleanup is one of the great public works of our time. We are excited to have the tools to expand public awareness and appreciation of our important work with the virtual tour. Some of the locations featured on the virtual tour would not have otherwise been accessible to visitors due to the nature of our work. By utilizing technology, the virtual tour provides a superior experience and promotes public engagement.”

Brian Vance, Hanford Site Manager

The virtual tour website is best accessed through a Chrome web browser. You can copy and paste into your browser or click on the Hanford tour link.

Other DOE Visits

Limited in-person visits of the Hanford site are approved on a case by case basis based on direct relevance to critical Hanford cleanup progress and availability of resources.

Media representatives looking for more information should contact our DOE media representative.

For more information on virtual tours or site visits at Hanford, contact:

Hanford Site Tours Office
Coleen Drinkard

Access to the Manhattan Project National Historical Park at Hanford is managed separately. More information about their seasonal public tour program is available at

Hanford Virtual Tours

The public can go to the virtual tours website for self-guided tours of the 580-square-mile Hanford Site. Click the image above or go to


Hanford Advisory Board members tour the 324 Mockup

Members of the Hanford Advisory Board's Health, Safety and Environmental Protection committee, DOE and HAB support staff tour the 324 Building mockup in 2022. 

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