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July 19, 2019
Event: Public Comment Period from July 3 through August 17, 2019 on the Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis for the PUREX Complex
Category: Comment Period / Feedback Opportunity
Event Date: July 3 - August 17

Update: This comment period has been extended until August 17, 2019

This is a message from the Tri-Party Agreement Agencies.

The U.S. Department of Energy Richland Operations Office is holding a 30-day public comment period on an Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis (EE/CA) for the Plutonium Uranium Extraction Complex (PUREX), located in the 200 East Area of the Hanford Site.

The EE/CA describes the proposed non-time-critical removal action options for PUREX and its attached annexes (202A Canyon, 202A East Annex and 202A West Annex). The removal action does not pertain to PUREX Tunnels 1 and 2, which were recently filled with grout for interim stabilization. A summary fact sheet is attached.

Emission units associated with PUREX covered in this EE/CA will be transitioned from the Hanford Air Operating Permit to CERCLA authority as specified in the CERCLA transition process detailed in the Air Operating Permit.

The 30-day public comment period is July 3 to August 2, 2019, August 17, 2019 and the EE/CA is available on the events calendar, the Hanford Administrative Record, and at the Hanford Public Information Repositories.

Please submit written comments by August 2, 2019, August 17, 2019 to or by mail to:

U.S. Department of Energy
P.O. Box 650, H1-20
Richland, WA  99352

After considering the comments received from the public, DOE will confer with Washington State Department of Ecology and issue a final decision, called an Action Memorandum. Once the Action Memorandum is complete, DOE can perform the selected cleanup action.

Questions? Contact Paula Call, DOE, at, or (509) 376-2048.

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