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June 5, 2022
Event: NAS-led Public Comment Period for Analysis of Supplemental Treatment of Low-Activity Waste
Event Date: April 11 - June 12, 2022

Notice of Comment Period
Review of the Continued Analysis of Supplemental Treatment of Low-Activity Waste at
the Hanford Nuclear Reservation

Comment Period Open Until:
Sunday, June 12, 2022

Note: Section 3125 of the National Defense Authorization Act of FY2021 mandates the National Academies to perform a concurrent and parallel review of the FFRDC's analysis of approaches for supplemental treatment of low-activity waste at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. In addition, Congress has tasked the National Academies committee with soliciting public comment from stakeholders and interested members of the public during the review process.

The National Academies will be accepting public comments concerning the FFRDC’s second report (report and supplemental information attached at the bottom of the webpage) through the online submission form below. Please keep remarks relevant to the report. Comments may address issues such as treatment technologies for the low-activity waste, disposal sites, cost, schedules, risks, or other topics relevant to the report.

Comments will be accepted until June 12, 2022. To provide comment, please click here and scroll down.

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