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Hanford Blog Archive

February 2011

February 28, 2011
PRESS RELEASE: TPA Agencies To Hold "State of the Site" Meetings
Richland, Seattle, and Portland Dates Set To Discuss Hanford Cleanup

February 24, 2011
PRESS RELEASE: Online Registration Dates Set for 2011 Hanford Tours
Numerous Tours of both the Hanford Site and the B Reactor Continue in 2011

February 23, 2011
PRESS RELEASE: Major Recovery Act Project Completed at Hanford -- Super Cells 9 and 10
Two New Super Cells Go Into Service To Accept Contaminated Soil and Debris Months Ahead of Schedule and Millions Under Budget

February 18, 2011
PHOTO GALLERY: See photos of today's 284 West Power House stack and water tower demolition
Workers used explosives to take down the water tower, stacks, and other structures surrounding the 284 West Power House

February 17, 2011
Hanford Waste Treatment Plant receives key vessel for decontamination system
The Hanford Waste Treatment Plant received an enormous nuclear-quality vessel that will be essential to the Low-Activity Waste Facility. The 65-foot long and 10-foot-diameter vessel will store carbon dioxide that will be used to clean the outside of filled waste containers before they leave the facility.

February 17, 2011
PRESS RELEASE: Explosive Demolitions To Change Hanford’s Skyline
Support structures for two power houses to be removed over the next couple weeks

February 11, 2011
VIDEO: Training Underway on Mobile Arm Retrieval System
Workers are in training now to practice maneuvering a new generation of robotic arm called the Mobile Arm Retrieval System (MARS). It will be used to remove nuclear waste from aging single-shell storage tanks at Hanford and transfer into newer, safer, double-shell tanks.

February 09, 2011
PRESS RELEASE: Hanford Waste Treatment Plant sets crucial air-filtration duct in High-Level Waste Facility
Crews at the Hanford Waste Treatment Plant set a giant heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) duct in the High-Level Waste Facility. The nuclear-quality duct is part of the facility’s extensive filter system and will be essential to maintaining contamination boundaries during Vit Plant operations.

February 09, 2011
FACT SHEET: Details about the 118-K-1 Burial Ground near Hanford's K East Area.
Work expected to be complete on the burial ground in 2012.

February 09, 2011
PRESS RELEASE: High-Hazard Silo Cleanup Begins at Hanford’s K Area
Washington Closure Hanford uses shielding, radiation detectors, and special excavation methods to sort through debris.