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MSA Contracts
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MSA Contracts
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Hanford Site Stabilization Agreement
General Requirement

The following information is posted for reference only.  Subcontractors are responsible for obtaining, reviewing and implementing the current agreement and all amendments directly with the appropriate Union organization.  Please e-mail Contract Support Services if you have questions about the HSSA compliance agreement.

Implementing Contract Language (Typical)

In accordance with SP-4, Special Provisions - Construction Contracts, Section 7.0, and prior to award of any contract for construction and/or Davis Bacon covered work to be done on the Hanford Site the contractor and any subcontractors must be signatures to the Hanford Site Stabilization Agreement (HSSA) including all appendices and most recent changes.  A signed Employer Compliance Agreement must be provided to the Buyer with each proposal and kept current and in force during performance of any resulting contract.


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