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MSA Contracts
Subcontractor Forms
Master Software License Agreement Form (PDF)
Service Contract Act Wage Determination (2015-5527 Rev. 5)
Service Contract Act - PowerPoint Presentation for Subcontractors **NEW**
Certification - Service Contract Act Request for Exemption form Appendix B (PDF)
Vendor Registration Form
Prohibited/Controlled Articles Flyer
Hanford Site Visitor Orientation Guide
The guide includes general information, security requirements, safety measures, and radiological orientation when visiting the Hanford Site.
Vendor General Release, Indemnification, and Conditions for Site Access
U.S. Department of Energy Hanford Site Access
Final Release
Suspect Bolt Headmarking Card
Suspect Stainless Steel Fastener Headmark List
MSC Formal Design Review Standard
Instructions for Contract Change Request Form
Authorization to Use Government Supply Sources-DOE Letter
Mission Support Alliance, LLC is authorized to use government supply sources in the performance of Contract No. DE-AC06-96Rl14728, in accordance with FAR 51.102. DOE exercised its option and extended the MSA contract, see the link below to the SF-30.
Executed SF-30
Executed SF-30 form indicating DOE exercising their option to extend the MSA contract.
Authorization to Use Government Supply Sources - Motor Vehicles
The purpose of this letter is to authorize the Mission Support Alliance, LLC (MSA) to acquire necessary motor vehicles from General Services Administration (GSA).
Authorization to Use Government Supply Sources-Doe Letter (Update Received 11/03/15)
Update to the authorization for Mission Support Alliance, LLC to use government supply sources in the performance of Contract No. DE-AC06-96Rl14728. This update was received November 3rd, 2015.
Foreign National determination
Subcontractors are required to make a foreign national determination for all employees and their lower-teir Subcontractors performing work on-site
Training Information for Subcontractors
Subcontractor Non-Disclosure Agreement (A-6006-597, Rev. 1)
Third-Party Non-Disclosure Agreement (Company & Individual) (A-6004-037, Rev. 2)
Foreign Ownership, Control, or Influence (FOCI) Certification
Instruction for the Preparation of Proposals
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