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EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI)- for the Refurbishment of Concrete Coated Waste Transfer Pits

Washington River Protection Solutions LLC (WRPS) located in Richland; Washington at the Hanford Clean-Up Site has a requirement to comply with the requirements of Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 173.303.640. For the waste transfer piping system which transport dangerous waste between underground storage tanks, secondary containment concrete vaults are utilized at various piping termination points. These concrete vaults which contain additional piping, valves, structural components, etc. are referred to as pits. To satisfy the regulatory requirements, WRPS installs and maintains special protective coatings with inspections performed by National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) Coating Inspector Program (CIP) qualified inspectors in accordance with the WRPS procedures.

WRPS currently has multiple waste transfer concrete pits that have not been in service for multiple decades. To facilitate new projects, these pits will require extensive repair and refurbishment to reestablish secondary containment and pass a NACE inspection to demonstrate that they are fit for use. The refurbishment presents several challenges with existing pit obstructions, radiological contamination, and radiation exposure to workers. Generally, long reach and/or remote tools are used to facilitate most of the work at these structures to mitigate a number of the hazards the workers would be exposed to if a manned entry was to be performed.

WRPS is issuing this Expression of Interest (EOI) to identify prospective Subcontractors who may have the capability to provide commercial and/or special tools and relevant industry experience to inform the execution of work to repair and refurbish these pits while maximizing worker safety and timely execution.


EOI -231128-BWT-24 Refurbishment Concrete Coated Pits FV

Questions and Responses (New)


EOI DUE DATE: Wednesday February 28, 2024 (4:00PM PST)

QUESTION DUE DATE: Wednesday February 14, 2024 (4:00PM PST)

RESPONSE POSTED: Wednesday February 21, 2024 

Expression of Interest for the Double-Shell Tank Pipeline Refurbishment

Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS) is the Tank Operating Contractor (TOC) for the U.S. Department of Energy Hanford Site with an operating budget of $1B US. The TOC stores approximately 56 million gallons of mixed radioactive and chemically hazardous waste in 177 large underground tanks. Of these 177 underground waste storage tanks 281 are million-gallon double-shell tanks (DST) grouped together in tank farms. These DSTs are 75’ in diameter and approximately 60’ in depth and are connected via pits, vaults, and transfer pipelines The other 149 Single Shell Tanks and ancillary equipment are not subject to this EOI. Buried encased transfer pipelines equate to approximately 10 miles in total length and vary in condition. The subject of this EOI is to determine availability of vendors capable of DST transfer pipeline refurbishment.


EOI Pipeline Refurbishment

EOI Pipeline Refurbishment Amendment 1 (New)


EOI DUE DATE: February 19March 18, 2024, 4:00 PM PST

Marisa Struwe

Procurement Specialist | 509-372-0665

Expression of Interest for the Grouting and Disposal of Mixed Low-Level Waste from Hanford Tanks

The Department of Energy Hanford (hereafter termed the Department or DOE) (through Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS)), is seeking industry input on options available to implement a recommendation made by a team of subject matter experts from a Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) on implementing alternative treatment methods for the Hanford tank’s low-activity waste (LAW). To that end, the Department seeks to better understand the capabilities of industry to provide Land Disposal Restriction (LDR) treatment, grout, and dispose of a mixed low-level waste (MLLW) separated from pretreated Hanford tank waste.

This EOI describes the process by which the Department will interact with identified interested parties and provide said parties with the information they require to assess their capabilities to meet the stated need. Based upon the information received, DOE may host an Industry Day event in the future where interested commercial parties can present their strategies for providing LDR treatment, grouting, and disposing of this MLLW. This information may also be used in the development of an acquisition strategy for the commercial treatment, grouting, and disposal of the subject waste stream.


Questions and Answers 

Questions and Answers 02.07.2024 (New)


EOI DUE DATE: February 15, 2024, 4:00 PM PST

Bryan Tinnin

Procurement Specialist | 509-372-2724

EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) – Questionnaire for the WRPS Tank Farm Davis Bacon Construction Work

WRPS is the Tank Operating Contractor (TOC) for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Hanford Site.  The TOC stores mixed radioactive and chemically hazardous waste in large underground tanks at the Tank Farm Facilities.  The work performed inside the Tank Farm boundaries with operating facilities are some of the highest hazard work activities safely executed at the Hanford Site and the nation.  The work activities may be executed in high radiation areas using respiratory protection equipment involving toxic and hazardous substances including but not limited to asbestos, lead, beryllium, and chemical vapors.  All personnel performing this work must be highly trained and qualified to perform construction work activities within the Tank Farm boundaries.

WRPS is issuing this EOI to determine the interest and capabilities of the Small Business community and to identify prospective Subcontractors who may have the capabilities  to perform  this work and receive a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Tank Farm Construction Work.

Attached is the EOI and questionnaire in both word and pdf formats.  Interested parties are to complete the attached questionnaire in its entirety and provide the information requested.  All responses must be sent via email to and  Please use Expression of Interest EOI-2DB00-MLM-2023-001 in the e-mail subject line.

Tank Farm Work EOI Questionnaire Revision Hanford Site (Word)

Tank Farm Work EOI Questionnaire Revision Hanford Site (PDF)


EOI DUE DATE:  Monday, January 22, 2024

Any questions, please email to the Procurement Specialist:
Mike L. Mackison

EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) – Tech Assessment for Spares

Washington River Protection Solutions LLC (WRPS) located in Richland, Washington at the Hanford Nuclear Site has a requirement to conduct a technical assessment of the health, consistency, and integration of equipment spares management programs across five independent Department of Energy (DOE) contractor companies.
The assessment process is to include benchmarking of the best available commercial software tools to optimize integration of spares identification, procurement, and tracking systems. The endpoint objective is an assessment report that provides recommendations to fully integrate spares management systems across all five contractor companies.

EOI - Tech Assessment for Spares

EOI - Tech Assessments for Spares Rev. 1 (New)


EOI DUE DATE:  Thursday, February 15Friday, March 15, 2024

Any questions, please email to the Procurement Specialist:
Jason Sperling

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