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325 Building


Also known as the Radiochemical Processing Laboratory (RPL), the 325 Building is located in Hanford’s 300 Area.  It was originally designed to provide space for radiochemical research to support Hanford projects and programs.  Today, the RPL remains a fully operational facility of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) where scientists and engineers conduct research related to national missions in Environmental Management, Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Non-Proliferation, Homeland Security and Science.

The RPL mission is to create and implement innovative processes in support of the national mission areas.  Some of the work taking place at the RPL involves advancements in the cleanup of radiological and hazardous wastes, the processing and disposal of nuclear fuels, detection and forensics of nuclear material, and the production and delivery of medical isotopes. 

This facility, along with PNNL’s Applied Process Engineering Laboratory and the William Wiley Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory, are critical to PNNL’s mission of research, development, and deployment of solutions to environmental and health problems.





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