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Hanford Advisory Board
Outgoing Board Correspondence

Correspondences are PDFs

Date Letter Sent To


Brian Vance DOE’s Enhanced Waste Glass Program
Brian Vance and Alexandra Smith System Planning Assumptions
Theresa Kliczewski Federal Notice for the U.S. Department of Energy Interpretation of High-Level Radioactive Waste (2018-26319)


Rick Perry and Jim Owendoff

FY2019 Proposed Hanford Budget


Doug Shoop, Brian Vance, Alex Smith, David Einan

Reinvesting in Hanford Public Engagement


Ms. Michelle Pirzadeh EPA Manager Location


Dirk Dunning Appreciation


Mark Lindholm Appreciation


Scott Sax Appreciation


Doug Shoop, Kevin Smith Budget Priorities


David Borak Changes to HAB Operating Ground Rules re: HAB Leadership Term Limits.
Kevin Smith WTP White paper
Kevin Smith Cesium White Paper
04/14/16 Stacy Charboneau, Dennis Faulk ERDF Vertical Expansion
02/04/16 Stacy Charboneau, Dennis Faulk PW 1/3/6 Operable Units
02/04/16 Monica Regalbuto Discontinue funding for CRESP studies from Hanford cleanup dollars
02/04/16 Jane Hedges Appreciation
11/05/15 Kevin Smith Worker Safety and Communication Restrictions
09/10/15 Stacy Charboneau, John Ciucci PFP Commendation
08/20/15 Stacy Charboneau, Jane Hedges, Dennis Faulk M-091 Public Comment Period Extension Request
11/06/14 Mark Whitney CRESP Methodology for the Hanford Site-wide Risk Review Project
06/05/14 Matt McCormick Appreciation
03/07/14 David Huizenga Hanford Advisory Board Diversity and Effectiveness
02/19/14 Kevin Smith, Matt McCormick, Dennis Faulk, and Jane Hedges Tri-Party Agreement (TPA) Milestones and Program/Budget Restraints
10/04/13 Kevin Smith, Matt McCormick, and Jane Hedges 100-N Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study and Proposed Plan Draft A and Committee Based Round-Robin Activities
06/07/13 Kevin Smith, Matt McCormick, Dennis Faulk and Jane Hedges Board Diversity and Other Effectiveness Issues
12/20/12 David Huizenga, Scott Samuelson, and Matt McCormick Tank Closure and Waste Management Final Environmental Impact Statement (TC&WM FEIS)
David Huizenga, Scott Samuelson, Matt McCormick, Dennis Faulk and Jane Hedges HAB Values White Paper
09/07/12 Scott Samuelson, Matt McCormick Preservation of Historical Properties and Artifacts
09/07/12 Matt McCormick, Dennis Faulk 200 West Groundwater Treatment Facility
09/07/12 Matt McCormick, Dennis Faulk 200-UP1 Proposed Plan Rev 0
02/23/12 Ms. Amy Legare, NRRB Chair Submittal to National Remedy Review Board
02/10/12 Matt McCormick, Dennis Faulk & Jane Hedges PW 1,3,6 and CW-5 Record of Decision
08/15/11 John Morse, Margo Voogd, Marty Doornbos & Sonya Johnson Deep Vadose Zone Preliminary Technology Information Exchange Appreciation
08/02/11 EM Consolidated Business Center Office of Environmental Management Draft Request for Proposal for Occupational Medical Services Hanford, Washington
07/18/11 Ines Triay Appreciation
06/03/11 Jane Hedges Request to Review Draft Washington State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) documents
03/02/11 Jonathan Dowell, Matt McCormick Request for DOE to Support Non-Union, Non-Management Seats on the Hanford Advisory Board
02/11/11 DOE – Office of Health, Safety and Security Comments to Chronic Beryllium Disease Prevention Program Proposed Rule Changes
06/04/10 Ines Triay Department of Energy Richland Operations Manager Recommendations
Ms. Burandt Tank Closure and Waste Management Environmental Impact Statement Comments
02/05/10 Dave Brockman, Shirley Olinger DOE's Response to HAB Beryllium Advice #217 and #218
06/05/09 Dave Brockman System Engineering Criteria
04/03/09 Dave Brockman, Shirley Olinger Appreciation Letter
02/06/09 Shirley Olinger, Dave Brockman, Jay Manning & Elin Miller Institutional Controls and their Impact on the Long Term Stewardship of the Hanford Site
09/05/08 Dave Brockman HAB Charter Discussion
09/05/08a Dave Brockman HAB Sounding Board
06/06/08 Dave Brockman HAB Fiscal Year (FY) 2010 Budget
04/04/08 Dave Brockman Remedial Action Plan for the Operable Unit 200-ZP-1
02/08/08 James Rispoli Hanford Cleanup Baselines and Lifecycle Cost and Schedule Report
2008O-02 and 2008O-03 are "intentionally left blank"
11/02/07 Ines Triay Improved Openness & Transparency in Budget & Baseline Development
09/07/07 Dave Brockman Comments on the Draft Risk Assessment Report for the 100 Area and 300 Area Component of the River Corridor Baseline Risk Assessment (RCBRA)
09/07/07 Dave Brockman and Shirley Olinger Groundwater and Vadose Zone Management Strategy
06/06/07 Mike Weis, Elin Miller & Con Murphy K East Basin Sludge Removal
04/06/07 Keith Klein Appreciation
04/06/07 Roy Schepens Appreciation
04/06/07 Keith Klein & Roy Schepens Multi-Tier Pension & Benefits Program


















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